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Boost your business reach with our local SEO packages

Choose from any of the three local SEO packages and bring home the success your business deserves. Let the change begin today!

If you realize the need for local SEO, but would rather not get into the technical aspect of each acute service and how it helps your business; our local SEO packages will help ensure that you don’t have to spend time in making a tough decision. While it is important to understand the purpose of our unique services, you can simply choose one of our packages based on your business demographics and leave the technical thinking to the professionals!

But if you have any questions that you would like answered, reach out to SEO Garage anytime for a free consultation.

We have designed our local SEO packages around the needs of different kinds of SMEs. Each one of them is a full-proof method of enhancing your lead generation process and achieving the #1 spot in local online searches. Local SEO works to improve your business persona within targeted localities.

To ensure that you can easily access our services and not miss out on what you need, we have formulated our very own customized local SEO packages.

Local SEO BASIC package?

This package is built to serve the needs of low competition industries and is a perfect choice for businesses with target markets in towns or small cities.

Local SEO UPGRADED Package?

The Upgraded package is for businesses that are in competitive environments and would like to target larger cities.

Local SEO ULTIMATE Package?

If your business targets large metropolitan regions, then this is the best local SEO package for you. It will enhance local SEO and boost lead generation even in severely competitive environments.

Things to keep in mind while choosing our local SEO packages?

As you can see, our local SEO packages are designed to perfection and they will provide for end-to-end local SEO needs. Choose any of our packages based on your target market and business capacity, and we will start building a roadmap asap.
It is important to note that local SEO services help elevate your business position within a certain locality only. On the other hand, this grants you access to never before explored markets and leads that are more likely to convert.
Here at SEO Garage, we bring together the best of researchers, SEO experts, and content writers to ensure that every aspect of our local SEO services IS provided to our best capacity.
Choose the best-in-class local SEO services only at SEO Garage.
Select any of our local SEO packages and expect conversion-ready leads to start knocking!

What our local SEO packages include?

Link building: The local SEO process is highly dependent on a third-party platform-based link building. Based on the package of your choice we will regularly build and update such links to create business awareness within local target markets.

Business listing services: In order to gain local SEO advantage, it is important to place your business on key platforms such as Google Local, My Business, Facebook, etc. We will take care of the entire process for you and you can reap the benefits forever.

Content writing services: Our top-notch content writers will shape the content on your website, landing pages, and third-party platforms that will help gain SEO ranking.

Report creation: We will mutually decide on success factors and create regular reports to showcase the rise of our respective clients within their own industries and online search engine results. You will have a clear view of the ROI.

Website SEO: Needless to say, our SEO team will develop your entire website to meet the local SEO requirements. This will also include updating links, titles, and meta-tags.

Keyword research: Keywords are the heart and soul of any SEO process. Our expert SEO team dives deep into the different search engine requirements and creates a list of suitable keywords that help elevate your industry ranking.

Industry research: Apart from researching for your particular business, we will also analyse your competitors and the keywords that work the best for them. We will then apply these keywords into your website as required.

Analytical services: We will use multiple platforms such as Google Analytics to optimize the SEO process.

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